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Thread: Weird weather problem

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    Got it to work - with a little effort


    After a little struggling, I got it to work. I deleted all of my skins and RR, ran Crap Cleaner, and a registry cleaner, then restarted the computer. I installed RR, overwrote with the latest binary download, and ran the configuration utility and set it up. Then, I installed ONLY DFX 2.5 and it seems to work.

    Perhaps another skin was interfering, as I had quite a few installed, though I only use Digital FX, or else I had some problem with different versions of RR installed

    I also set restore points, so I will continue to add skins and see which one may break it ...

    Good Luck and it seems like it will be a nice day in Colorful Colorado today

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    Glad to hear you got it working. The 5 buttons at the top are definable, and do not need to be changed in the ini. Just press and hold, and the OSK will show up. Type the name of the city you want, and it will then be stored for that button.

    BTW using just "Denver" works, and the ,CO is not needed for that particular city. The way the XML is created, is RR code, and has nothing to do with the skin being used. For instance here, I have to use Miami, FL. If I put just Miami, it brings up "Miami, AZ" (Who knew there was a Miami, AZ?)
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