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Thread: Keyboard shortcuts from config don't work in RR

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    Keyboard shortcuts from config don't work in RR

    I have been playing around with keyboard mapping (because I just finished up my wireless steering wheel buttons made from a second set of cruise buttons and a wireless keypad PCB) but I can't get any of them to work in RR. So far I've just been working with keys on this laptop (not the steering whel rig yet) but every time I hit a key, assign it's function and then save/launch RR they don't work.

    I'm kind of wondering if this test computer (an old compaq laptop) is just to slow - considering it can't even go in DVD and get back to the main menu... but idk. Any ideas? Is there something specific I need to do besides just hitting the key, assigning a function and clicking done?

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    Should using the latest config ver? 1 or 2 versions back there was a prob but that has been fixed.
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