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Thread: pause on directions

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    pause on directions

    I cant seem to get my iguidance to pause my music, while it gives directions.

    With iGuidance open and running within RR/dfx, I press the button to pause on voice yet it still will not pause the music while giving directions.

    Any Ideas?

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    Search this forum for keywords pause and directions. I haven't gotten it to work myself, but I blame vista.

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    With DFX you will have a conflict with the command also being in RRConfig - delete/desable one of them. I would try to get it to work with the settings in RRConfig only, that way it will work with all skins.

    A good search term is "iguidance pause"

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    There is no "conflict" between using the button in the skin, or using the RR config program. The button code sets indicators to show the status on the button, and then simply saves the same exact information that the config utility does to the rr.ini. It does not create a new entry, just changes the same one that the RR Config does:

    This way, you can change the auto pause, and auto screen switching on the fly. Otherwise it would entail closing RR, running the config, navigating to the settings changing them, saving it, closing it and then re-running Road Runner.
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    I noted that RR doesn't pause music on some directions.

    For me RR just pauses music when iGuidance3 shows the directions screen. But iGuidance is just showing the directions screen shortly before the turn.

    My problem is that it also says directions earlier, where it doesn't show the directions screen. In this case RR doesn't pause the music.

    BTW: Which file of the sourcecode contains the code of iGNative ?

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