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Thread: just installed silabs with roadrunner

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    Radio reception is funny, some HU's get better reception than others. I changed out the HU on my wife's car from a stock to aftermarket unit. The radio reception was worse with the aftermarket HU.

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    just installed silabs with roadrunner

    Ok so I somehow managed to get it working on roadrunner native. Only problem is that now when I go back to my regular music (hdd) it says it finds it and it says it is playing a song, but no sound comes from the speakers. I switch back to the radio and music starts playing.

    Somehow the sound from my "Music" section is gone. Anyone know whats going on?

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    maybe its your skin

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    check the mixer and winamp volumes... don't forget to check the WAVE line volume.. if you by any chance set the "wave" line as the line to mute/unmute for the Radio (in RRConfig) than this is problably the cause of it -- for silabs, you should disable that option and make sure the wave line is NOT muted.
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    yea i fixed it. it was the WAVE line thanks.

    Another problem, I have it hooked up to my cars antenna. But sometimes when I am driving I still get static. I was thinking maybe the connection is not that great or something, anyone else know why this could be happening? The Radio that was on my HU which was hooked up to the same antenna worked fine. no fuzz.

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    so you think that is the best reception im going to get?

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