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Thread: Scribble Pad Slow in RR DigitalFX

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    Scribble Pad Slow in RR DigitalFX

    Scribble Pad Slow in RR DigitalFX

    I'm using DigitalFX v2.5 w/ RR v. 9-2-07 and Scibble Pad is slow. When I write, I get a slowly jerky motion with the pen. I exited the program and open it as seperate item via:

    C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\DigitalFX 2.0\Flash\

    opening flash file DrawPadBlue.swf. Oh yah, I do have the latest flash as well. So when I am outside RR, the program works fine, and the pen writes fluid. I thought perhaps that RR does not have enough memory and that I may have too many things open such as GPS, audio, video, etc. so I disabled all those program from loading and I still have the same issue. Any one have a resolution?

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    Alt-ctrl-del and open up task manager. What is your CPU/Mem usage while you're using scribble pad inside RR?

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    Also your hardware might be useful info.
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    I think that I remember wen embeding flash apps in rr, it causes some slowness....??

    Thats what I can recall when scribble pad was being written..
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