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Thread: FU iGuidance 4 skin

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    FU iGuidance 4 skin

    I just learned about reshacker today so I threw together a quick iGuidance 4 mod to make it look a bit more like the FU skin.
    I would like to change all of the icons since they are quite low res for some reason. I am also using a theme.ini to make the colors look like google maps.
    I would like to make it a lot cooler but so many of the images look the same that it will take me forever to figure out which one is which. I'll likely have to number all of the images and see where they show up.
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    Lookin' good. I've been meaning to attempt this. How difficult/time consuming is reshacker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by austin683 View Post
    Lookin' good. I've been meaning to attempt this. How difficult/time consuming is reshacker?
    well there's about 150 bmp's you have to manually edit so yea i think it takes quite a bit of time lol. I've edited a skin myself and it is by no means fun. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    looking good so far! maybe want to get rid of that crappy rounded key look in the keyboad and make them square?

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    Is there any trick I need to make this work? I have copied over the file but when I launch it, nothing happens. I get the hourglass for a bit then it disappears.

    Thank you and yes I'm running IG4.

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