Hi everybody,
this is my first post even if I've been reading you since a long time.
Now I've quite finished my carpc but I'm facing a (not fundamental) problem trying to integrate my car HU with RR.
I have an interface which can wrap commands fro hu (eg next, prev, change track, etc..) and sends ascii codes to RS232 com port of the pc.
I'm able to put them on the keyboard buffer through an autohotkey script (I've tested looking at a notepad window while pressing hu's commands) but not able to "redirect" these through the mapping on keytbl.ini file.

Trying to use the keycode tool give me a strange issue: always code 2086 is shown regardless the particular key I'm pressing to the hu.
So my though is that keytbl.ini may not be suitable for this purpose.

Could you please suggest me what can be wrong or an alternative way of doing?

Thanks everybody.