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Thread: windows power options disabled?

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    windows power options disabled?

    I've been fussing with this for a few days now.
    It seems that whenever RR is open, the windows power options i set arent effective. I diddnt see anything in the rr config about disabling them, so I just assumed they'd take effect.

    The problem here, of course, is in my setup, the juice to the computer is cut when ACC is cut- the computer is a laptop, so it just switches to its internal battery- I was depending on the power management to put the machine into standby (i had it set to 1 minute) after the car is off.
    As it stands, the computer doesnt turn off, it just runs until the internal battery is flat, at which point this machine hangs, and i have to go pull the battery to reset the unit and get it started again.
    As for now i'm just manually putting the machine into standby every time i turn off the car- not acceptable!

    Is RR disabling the windows power management? Is this a known issue? Is there a page in the config i'm just not seeing?

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    If you don't open RR and turn off the car, the laptop does go into standby? Only thing that I can think of that would prevent it from going into standby would be because of communication to an open port, like GPS.
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    RR is unaware of power management procedures and if the system is set to suspend/hibernate after a certain period of inactivity, RR should be merely notified of such and take action to prepare for the event, without interfering with it. However, ports and any other running applications may interfere/disable the process.
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    Yes, if RR is closed it seems to shut down fine.
    Most likely GPS, as you said- i tend to leave the gps screen open, as its all i really wanted the damn thing for.

    Is there any way i could get around this? maybe if i put the gps power on a relay that cuts with the car... I'll try unplugging the gps tomorrow and seeing if it times out and goes to standby...

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    any updates?

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