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Thread: Video Player Crashes

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    Video Player Crashes

    Hi Every 1
    Sorry if this has been discussed
    But of late i am having problems with the video player...( using DFx Skin )

    Well every thing was fine and 1 fine day now when i try to play any video the PLAYER CRASHES on me and RR terminates.....
    I restart and still the change, This was not the case earlier as every thing worked fine.

    I have not changed any config or software.....

    If i try to run the same video from out of RR via DIVX or windows media Player it works fine.....If i config these player and try to run in RR it craches again.....

    Can some 1 pls help me as which file could be creating this error and how do i rectify this

    thanx in advance
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    Just follow the FFDShow FAQ and see if it works.
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