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Thread: Remote control RR?

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    Remote control RR?

    New guy here. I've been playing around with RR for just a couple of days and am really impressed. I have a situation, though. My CarPC's screen is not a touchscreen (yes, I know - sacreligious). I use the remote control for the Hauppaugge PVR-150 TV tuner (currently routed to my Meedio front end - works like a charm). In the RR config I do not see any setting for selecting my PVR-150 TV card, nor do I see an option to map keys from the TV card to certain commands. This poses a big problem for me as I cannot navigate Roadrunner!!

    Is there a way in RR to map the keys from my PVR-150? I'm assuming RR would first have to see my PVR-150 card first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Look into using girder. If it will recognize your remote, girder can make the remote do most anything. I use an ati remote wonder (not the ati card just the remote) with girder and RR.
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    The remote that I use in my CarPC is the one that comes with the PVR-150 tuner card. The IR sensor plugs into the card, unlike a USB type remote control. So, the only way Girder would "see" the remote is if the application (RoadRunner) "sees" the PVR-150 and uses it. What does RR use for TV? How is this set up?
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