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Thread: Newbie, road runner will not start?

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    Newbie, road runner will not start?

    Dear all,

    Just down loaded road runner on to my pc and winamp.
    Every time I try to start it road runner it just says "C:\program files\Road Runner\skins\Alpine\does not contain a vaild skin.

    I do not have a folder called Alpine so I tried creating one and putting the skins in it. Still the same message.

    If I go in configurator and guide it to the folder with the skins in, the preview works but still get same message when I re-start road runner. I checked the rr.ini file wich shows the path I created in the configurator.

    Whats wrong?

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    Download the latest RR installer and install it. Thread is stickied at the top.

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    #1. use installer as mentioned.
    #2. update with the newest binary from guino's site
    #3. Download a skin and unzip or place it in your skins folder
    #4. properly define the skn path either using the RRconfig or manually in the ini.

    Not having your skin path properly defined will give you the "does not containa valid skin" message.
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    The latest installer has the 12/13/07 binary in it. FYI

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    boy, i remember when that was me. dont worry big guy, its really the best thing that could happen. It introduces you to the inner workings of RR right off the bat. Youll need to learn this stuff.
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