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Thread: Not recognizing Sirius at first

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    Not recognizing Sirius at first

    When I first start RR, and go to the Sirius screen, it shows the playlist that is currently in the Audio screen. From past experience, it seems to do this when it does not recognize the Sirius input. If I then close RR, then restart it and go to the Sirius screen, everything works fine. In rr.ini, everything is set correctly. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas why it doesn't recognize it at first?


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    Well, if you're coming back from hibernation and it's happening that's because the hardware isn't really yet. I've never had that particular issue from a cold boot.

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    it takes a few seconds to start up sirius, and if you immediately go into it after starting RR, you may get such results. Newer versions of the software have preventions to "wait" for the tuner to initialize, however, it should never happen if the port is not being used by something else and you go into sirius at least a few seconds after starting RR.
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