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Thread: commands in ExecTBL.ini

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    commands in ExecTBL.ini

    What is the difference between:

    1) adding to ExecTBL.ini the line:
    "ALBUMARTVIEWER","SETVAR;browsestat;0||LOAD;AUDIO_||RUN;$skinpath$browsecovers.exe "
    and later using it in a skin this way:
    L01,531,120,247,217,0,0,0,10,"Arial","EXEC;ALBUMAR TVIEWER||=",""

    2) Using the command ALBUMARTVIEWER in the skin directly:
    L01,531,120,247,217,0,0,0,10,"Arial","EXEC;SETVAR; browsestat;0||LOAD;||RUN;$ skinpath$browsecovers.exe||=",""

    The reason for this is that I would like to make my skin independent of ExecTBL.ini and point 1) works, but I cannot make 2) to work.

    Any ideas??

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    That is a limitation of the "EXEC" Cmd for labels, you can only specify a cmd to execute not an assortment of cmds.

    How to get what your askin...

    1. Use the label code from #1
    2. Make a "Exectbl.ini" file in your skin folder and place the "ALBUMARTVIEWER" cmd code in there.

    The cmds you put in the skin folder's exectbl file will be skin dependant because they will only get loaded when loading that skin..
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    One good example would be, if u define that command in exe file, you can call it from anywhere instead of writing out the whole path and window names stuffs each time you call it..

    gps is one example... u can call it from the main or u can call it from audio by simplying writing "gps" not "gps;load.....c:\.................." each time..

    Not sure if this is correctly said, but that's the way i understood....

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    Thanks to all, the info from Blue ZX3 helped me a lot!!!

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    The real limitation here is that, as BlueZX3 pointed out, labels were mainly designed to display text -- and later adapted to be able to execute simple commands -- but for complex commands you'll need exectbl because you can't use parameters and multiple commands directly in the label because it would require ";" and "||" which are used for the label definition itself.
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