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Thread: Tabbing thru buttons

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    Tabbing thru buttons

    i am using the spacenavigator 6-axis wheel to be a safer driver and not looking at the touchscreen all the time when select menues (and better experience when bumps interrupt navigation).

    volume up/down, next/prev track, pause/play etc. work fine using the PE driver from this site. but it is still limited when it comes to use the entire menue/buttons.

    what about using the tab key to step thru every button and highlighting the active button before selecting it. this could be a way to navigate in road runner without need of a mouse / touchscreen. most car navigation oem (bmw idrive etc.) work like this.

    so my questions:
    1. is it possible to tab with tab key
    2. can tabbing order be defined in skin
    3. what to do in skin to highlight currently selected button
    4. which skin is the best (have seen once a flash demo from cdrskull where all the layouted buttons are in a circle. this would be perfect to tab thru using the wheel)
    5. is it possible to activate selected button after time-out (i.e. 2 secs) if not going on "home" (i.e. car logo) button?

    what you think?

    p.s. cdrskull draft here
    yooo. this is the way to go. all nice centered around car logo and navigation is sooo easy

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    This is basically what I've done recently, you can just add the buttons to a skin file in the order you'd like them to tab, then assign either left or right arrow keys to the SpaceNav and it will cycle through the buttons.

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    You can also use tab or any other key for this purpose, just define the keycode in keytbl.ini and the command associated with that keycode.. there's a little tool to provide you with keycodes as well. The skin editor can easily rearrange the order/sequence of buttons for you -- you just have to move them up/down into the desired order. The only way to make a default selection of a button would be to move the mouse over it after the timeout, but this depends on what is sending commands to RR.
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