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Thread: id3 question

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    id3 question

    I can't get road runner to show my id3 tags. Some times a few show up, but most songs just show up as the file name. If I load winamp alone everything shows up fine in the playlist window. What am I missing?

    edit: My configure is set up to prefer id3 v2, id3 playlist and browser are checked only, Playlist is formated %artist% - %title%, I have winamp set to all default settings, All tags were created simultaneously with itunes to v2.2, and I am using void 3.31

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    ok I was looking at the track info and I noticed that under comments there was this code: 000002AC 0000029D 00002EA4 00003C85 000107C6 00014C0A 000079C4 00007877 0001C48D 00020368. If I delete it then RR shows the id3 info. What is this? Also when viewing id3 info from itunes the comments don't come up, just winamp.

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    chances are itunes is writing ID3 info in some way that's incompatible with RR, but compatible with winamp -- then when you removed the comments (probably in winamp) -- it re-wrote the ID3 in a compatible method and now it works... I do not own an ipod or even have/care for itunes myself, so I don't know what's writing but I'd recommend just using something like ID3-TagIT to convert/fix your ID3 tags all at once.
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    There are a number id3v2 formats... id3v2.2, id3v2.3, id3v2.4, etc. Although WinAmp can display them all properly, I believe RR can only display up to id3v2.3 and iTunes writes in id3v2.4. I have one of those free id3 tag editors that I use to batch convert all the tags in my itunes lib to id3v2.3, and then they display great in RR.

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    Yeah they were 2.1. I fixed the problem by loading all my files into the winamp library and updating the tags.

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