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Thread: Request: Add absolute state/status control to embeded RR Voice control

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    Request: Add absolute state/status control to embeded RR Voice control

    Hey guino,

    Can you add a way to control the state of RR's embeded voice control to the next release?

    So rather than pressing F10 and having it 'listen', being able to directly control its state.
    IE: Turn the Mic on/off, lock it into 'listening for command' mode, lock it into 'listening for keyword' mode, etc.

    This will make it easier (or rather, possible) to realise that "Voice Control replaceing OSK" script. Im still thinking of attempting the script as a plugin instead, but I think the above request would be necessary to perform it in plugin form regardless.


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    unfortunately, I never got the sources of the voicecontrol plugin from whodwho... so it's something he'd be willing to do/provide.. I don't know if he's been around lately..
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