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Thread: Can't find answer to XM question

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    iGuidance question

    I decided not to start a new thread, just add on to this one. I have set up gps in rrconfig for iGuidance 4. I have external checked, the path set to where iGuidance is, IG Native checked and the GPS port correct. When I go to iGiuidance in RR with the Digitalfx 3.0, though, it says "searching for GPS signal". If I close out of RR, and open iGuidance on its own, it works fine. Any suggestions?

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    Aerotight31 same thing here..

    The thing is probably RR is using that port for its gauge page, and Iguidance doesn't seem to talk to the GPS. Just change the com port on RRconfig to a random port and it works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aerotight31 View Post
    That didn't seem to work either. When I open that file, it has 1 on the first line. Then on the second line, it has my favorites list name along with all of my favorite channels. I tried deleting the 1, moving one of my favorites to its place, everything. No matter what I do, it continues to revert to being on the preview channel until I manually press the XM button. Once I do that, it goes to my favorites, and the last channel I was on. Don't know what else to try. Thanks for the responses!
    O.K. Last and final possible solution that comes to mind:

    Flip-flop your power cables, i.e., connect the 12V constant to the ACC line and the ACC to the Constant input. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I vaguely remember something with the wrong color wires, don't remember if it was XM or not now, but try it.
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    Thank yous all around

    I think that I FINALLY have all my issues fixed. rgarjr, you're suggestion worked perfectly. I never would have thought that changing the gps com port to some random number would work. My GPS com port is supposed to be 1, but I changed it to 5, and now it works perfectly. GizmoQ, I tried changing the xmfavs.ini again like fixerofallthing suggested, and it worked this time. I erased the 1 from the first line, made the favorites name and numbers the only line, moved my most listened to channel to the front, and that fixed it. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!

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