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Thread: RoadRunner Source Code

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    theres nothing wrong with the link i just downloaded Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    The source download link seems to work fine here. If your just starting out coding in vb then what you might not understand is that RR does alot of things 'on the fly' like creating forms etc.. Its very well coded and commented. I have learnt lots from looking through Guino's code and how things 'should' be done.

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    Won't dload in opera or ie, this is the url I'm tryin

    Index page comes up, I choose RoadRunner Source Code Versions
    I then choose RoadRunnerSource
    Won't Download

    OK, I have it now, I had to use WSFTP Pro to get there.


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    Can anyone tell me where the sub Main() procedure is in modRoadRunner?? I might be being incredibly stupid, but can't seem to see it.

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    @GUINO, in this help guide you recommend to look in sources for SendMessage example.

    There's an example of how to do this within the Sources package of RR (SDK Examples).

    Where are these sources? I actually need partial source code or guide to drive existing app I am trying to port using SendMessage, so will appreciate any help.

    I need two-way communcation to be able to suspend whatever music/video playback, show up parking assistant interface, and resume playback when sitation is over.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Ok does anyone have the source code for the older version?


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