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Thread: using gps.. can't switch back to music.. ?

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    using gps.. can't switch back to music.. ?

    I've noticed that I can't jump between gps and the mp3 player.. and I've also noticed that searching sometimes locks up rr...

    Im using iguidance.. so, when I choose it, I have to close it to go back to the music player..

    what's up ?

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    What skin?
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    using the alpine skin...

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    I have no experience with the Alpine skin, but can assure you that this is not a Roadrunner limitation. I switch back and forth all the time when I'm out on the road.

    One thing that should be easy to check would be to open the Alpine skin in the skineditor and see what commands are assigned to the various buttons. If there's one labeled AUDIO on the gps screen it 'should' switch over to music without having to exit iGuidance, then the audio screen should have one labeled for however you start iGuidance, i.e., GPS.

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    open your rr.ini and change ignative=false and see if that stops the problem. You probably have the famous wav bug Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    yah my alpine skin uses the "external" skin and there is only a close and exit button..

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    u need to add a button on the external skin with a command, "audio" or u can use navimon, which will do the automatic switching and voluming.. plugin forum, search for navimon.... It works very well...

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