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Thread: 12-13-2007 bug

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    12-13-2007 bug

    Hello Guino! i update my Roadrunner to your last version but now the GPS flag dont work!! When i try to start GPS nothing happend!!

    I download your exe this from your site today and gps is not working. I use Mapmonkey for my gps, and if i put the last .exe work ok, but with the last version dont work.

    Any ideas?

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    what GPS flag are you talking about...?
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    He's probably talking about the gps indicator (direction arrow). Guino is fully aware of this already and said that its fixed for the next release when he's able to release it... For anyone else that wants to know Y its happening, when he messed with some of the code in that section, he somehow erased the ".jpg" extention so RR doesn't see that the graphic is avail to be used and therefor it doesn't show up.

    Believe me, its been driving me crazy too, and am waiting also for the next release...
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