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Thread: Problem with skins

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    Problem with skins

    Don't know if this should be in the subforum but every skin I try exept the "stock" skin doesn't show right on the screen. When I load the skin all that shows is the background, time & date but no buttons. The buttons show when I move the pointer over the "invisible buttons".

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    rr.ini.... u need to set the background and picpath for the skin by running rrconfig... Some skins define them in different files like skin.ini...

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    does the skin have a readme with instruction how to set the background? What skin is it?

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    When ever trying new or different skins, you really need to read any notes that the author has about installing it. The more complex the skin is the more likely hood that there might be additional settings or setting up of other software for everything to work as the skin author intended it to be like.
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