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Thread: Audio problems resuming from hibernation

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    Audio problems resuming from hibernation

    Hi all,

    I have an intermittent problem with audio playback when resuming from hibernate, around 70% of the time I can resume fine - but the rest of the time it get crackling, slowed down playback when the music resumes in RR.

    Has anyone else experienced this ?
    There appears to be no pattern to it, it just seems random!

    I can fix it by either hibernating again and then resuming (but its pot luck as to if that fixes it)
    Otherwise I can close RR (in turn closing winamp) and then reopen, and the audio is fine!
    Also I noticed when the audio problem is there is affects any other application such as Sygic Drive.. I even closed down everything except winamp and rr before hibernate but it still does it!

    Any ideas ?

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    Could be the winamp version or the audio driver. If you hit STOP then PLAY when it's wrong, does it fix it ? if not, it's more likely to be a winamp/driver issue.
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