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Thread: Full Screen Visualizations

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    Full Screen Visualizations

    Just wondering if double clicking the visualizations top left on the BMV2 and making it full screen is wrong?

    When I double click it, it goes full screen fine and runs smooth from what I can tell, but it keeps trying to re-embed itself maybe? It goes full screen, then a second later it goes back to the corner and then back to full screen and back and forth forever until I time my touch when it is back in the corner and click the eye again, then it will stop. Also uptop it keeps the bar with the maximize and minimize box, so perhaps I havent set it up correctly?

    I was just curious the other day so I clicked the mysterious eye button and up came the visualizations so that was a pleasant surprise. I still like the BMV2 skin, I am just going to make the music playlist part an iList and then get full screen visualizations to work and I will be set.
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    Mine does too but i think it should just embed itself into a tiny window within your skin ..
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