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Thread: Problem! RR Closes randomly while driving!

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    One more idea....try another xport version. Some versions work better for some than another one...

    Just a thought...
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    I've seen similar behaviour myself....,

    When using Tek2 - if I leave the main window open, I will occasionally get either a total shutdown of RR or I have seen the close menu pop up randomally (sometime that results in the exiting of RR other times not). If I am in another menu (say music), this doesn't happen.

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    I have been having that problem as well (and have been having it for a while) ... Problem is I cant isolate the incidents yet. I do now know when or how it occurs. Sometimes it works flawlessly but sometimes it just crashes. I just stripped out my CarPC and was going to do a reinstall of Windows to see if it will fix it!
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    i stopped using xport and the problem didn't repeat itself

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