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Thread: after an CL onslide cmd

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    after an CL onslide cmd

    i did get somthing from Gunio about this but i cleared my pm's and his was 1 that was in the list and forgot to take it out.Sorry Gunio
    I was brain dead at the time lol...

    i'm using cl lists and i want my slider to change my icons as you move the slider , simular to onclclick but for sliders.

    any ideas guys

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    "$VARNAME$"		- Variable Slider. This Makes a slider from a variable (SDK/Plugin/Scripting supporT).
    			  The Slider value is set/read to/from a RR variable that you can set with SETVAR and use in commands.
    			  The Range of values is from 0 to 65535 -- Use EVAL on the variable to convert ranges if needed.
    		          If the Slider is clicked/changed a "ONSLDVARNAME" event is triggered.
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