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Thread: MediaInfo / FLAC

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    MediaInfo / FLAC

    So I've scoured the forums looking for an answer (I also thought I posted this message yesterday, but can't find it).

    I'm trying to get RR to read my flac info.

    In this thread:
    RR 09-02-2007 ... Way Overdue update ..

    guino states:
    -If you wish to load tags from other filetypes (than MP3, WMA and OGG), you can simply place MediaInfo.DLL in RR's Path.
    I've put the MediaInfo.dll I got from the sourceforge site into the RR directory. Is that all I have to do?

    I'm running the newest RR build, and the newest Winamp, with files that I know have good flac tags.

    Please help.

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    once you place the DLL in RR's folder, go into the config and select to Display ID3 Tag info and when available it should be displayed -- as long as MediaInfo supports Tag info from FLAC files.
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    So it turns out that the few FLAC files that I have in my test directory are using a little bit different tag than a normal FLAC. I tried some of my other files and they came up fine.

    I finally figured it out by downloading the full MediaInfo program, and it wasn't reading the info off some of the files.

    I use Mp3tag to edit tags, and it shows FLAC (FLAC) on the ones that work, and FLAC (FLAC ID3V2) on the ones that don't. After doing a little reading, it looks like the FLAC ID3V2 ones are wrong, they're some bastard child of a FLAC and mp3 tag.

    So, I converted those few tags with Mp3tag (great program, by the way), and all is good. It works on the test bed, so it'll be put in the Xterra soon enough...... lossless with full tag support here we come.

    Thanks for the help and a great program, guino.

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    My RR Media plugin fully supports all major music type tags... just FYI.

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