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Thread: multiline Label tag ??

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    multiline Label tag ??


    I would like to show the content of a text variable in my skin. The problem is that the text is so long and the label tag (L00,...) only shows the first part of the text.

    How can we show the (long) text of a variable in Road Runner?? Is there any way of have multiline labels??

    I do not need to show text with carriage returns... only a large string.


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    Have you tried scrolling/wrapping the text?
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    "WRAP" Tag

    Yea, just use the WRAP tag:

    L,18,116,694,338,255,255,255,20,"Arial","MyLabel", "WRAP"

    as the code, or just put the "WRAP" in the code box on the label in the skin editor. Then just make the label as tall as you need to fit in all of the information.
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