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Thread: Playlist changes?

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    Playlist changes?

    So my RR has been chugging along nicely for the past few months, and I finally decide to get back to trying to complete an unfinished skin I've had lying around. I download the latest RR, and it has a heap of new features (and its VERY difficult to try and get across what they are or how to use them without spending hours reading through forum posts). But I digress.

    One thing that I've come across that seems to have broken is the audio playlist browser. I thought I was going batty and missed something in my skin, but all existing skins did the same thing.

    With the latest RR, when I add anything into the playlist using SELECT, SELECT+ or ADD1, my playlist browser (S01 on just has a "1." on the top row. When I revert back to the RR.EXE from my car PC (Dated May 2006) the playlist works fine.

    I've had a search and a browse, but if the answer is here somewhere, I must be blind! What have I missed?

    Thanks, Mark.

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    Oops.. so I downloaded the latest installer and it all seems to work.

    Wow.. looks like RR has come a long way since I last played around. And that help file is much better compared to the old skin commands.txt

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    latest versions of rr are modularized (is that even a word?)

    Did you register winamp.dll?

    EDIT: Glad to hear you got it all worked out.
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