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My problems must be with my music files, because on another computer it does the same damn thing.

I am using a program called ID3-TagIt and EVERY song is an mp3 with id3v2.3 tags, but some also have version 1 id3 tags in addition to version 2.3 (I didnt even know that was possible to have two tag types on one file). My question is how do I delete JUST the v1 tags off the mp3 file? also in rrconfig, if i tell it to prefer id3 version 1 tags, some of the songs that were screwed up will display all the id3 tag info in rr, but then others that worked before don't work If I do this.
I've experienced that. What I had to do was remove all tags completely (v2 & v1), save, and re-tag.

I used ID3-Tag It as well.