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Thread: Windows hangs when resuming hibernation

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    Windows hangs when resuming hibernation

    Here's the thing..

    If I have RR running and I turn off the ignition, the pc goes to hibernation. When I resume hibernation Windows just hangs up.

    If I am not running RR and go into hibernation, it resumes fine no problem.

    What could be causing this.. Also what settings should I set these?

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    have you tried only winamp and than hibernate. If so, there is your problem, most of the times its not RR itself thats causing the problem.
    I think the resume plugin of winamp solved the problem, not 100% sure (about 90%)

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    You can try turning on Hibernate Aware. See if that solves anything. Another thing to try would be to disable your GPS device in RR. And a last ditch would be to unplug all your usb devices to see if one of those devices is causing the problem.

    Something else to think about, has it always done that behavior out of hibernate or did it work at one point and then started locking up.

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