Hi all

I have just built a temperature sensor kit like the K145, but following the Mauri hardware from this link. Im using all the parts listed, programmed the pic successfully, only item I had to substitute is the sensor, the DS18S20 is impossible to find here. I found one DS1820 and decided to give it a try until I get to import some DS18S20.

I was expecting to get some readings, didnt care if theyre not accurate, testing if the circuits works is enough for me right now, but Im here asking for help because cant get any reading. Voltages are ok on the pic and on the sensor (4.98). Com port 1 selected in rrconfig.

Serial port monitor shows different behaviours when RR and the source code author's program http://quozl.netrek.org/ts/ listens to the port. RR begins the reading and stops just after. The author's program starts and doesnt stop, but cant show me any reading on its interface. On the monitor I see data both in Up and Down direction, but none of the programs displays it.

Am I missing something? Or the differences of the sensors are enough to cause this. Any help is appreciated.