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Thread: application shutdown on rr exit..

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    Which folder does the Killtask.exe go into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
    john, I have a question for you.

    I know you were dabbling with ShutControl for a while, and on the thread for the shutcontrol we can use the "Taskkill.exe" with some switches to kill certain programs.

    But do you know of a way to properly close down an application, using your kill_task.exe, or any other means?

    If I suspend with winamp running, on resume it loses the playlist. If I kill winamp, it loses the playlist, and reverts back to a different list with only one album. If I close winamp (with RR) and then suspend, I can have Shutcontrol resume RR (along with winamp) and everything works correctly.

    fyi - I suspend rather than hibernate since it's way quicker...

    So, how do we do this?

    Figured it out in autoit. VERY simple script:

    WinClose("RoadRunner", "")
    Compiled into an .exe, so to get this to work right, download the attachment, rename it without the .txt, then in shutcontrol set this as a pre-hibernate app, and then set RR as a resume hibernate app. No more lost playlists. I set it to run "RRClose.exe" at least 5 seconds before the Suspend routine, just to be sure.

    edit: I should note that this only works when you set shutcontrol to hibernate, any other routine does not trigger the pre-hibernate apps.
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