Ok, I have a dual monitor setup in my truck, top is touchscreen VGA, bottom is my headunit with 7" screen built-in no-touch. I currently have a skin that has all buttons on the top, and displays tag info, cover art and a speedo guage on the bottom. the bottom screen also displays what is on screen on the visor and headrest monitors. I am trying to find out if it's possible to have 2 video "windows" on the same skin/screen in Roadrunner.

The skin I am using is my own design running at 1024*1536 (2 1024*768 monitors). What I want to to is have the bottom window "fullscreen" (just resizing the A01 line in the skin) at 1024*768, but also have a smaller screen say 450*300 on the top screen. Essentially I want 2 duplicate overlays at the same time. Any one know if this is possible?