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Thread: No video within RR. "Over w/builtin & STOP w/MPC. Help appreciated!

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    Kind of wierd, I uninstalled winamp, then reinstall. Still no luck. Then I unchecked use built in player... and it works again. not sure what did it, but works again.

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    I think i found a solution to this problem. I just did a brand new installation of RR today and I could not get the video to show or be embeded into RR, all I get is "over or stop on the player tool bar. Video would work fine in winamp alone, however in RR all I get is sound and when i minimized RR the video is working fine in winamp in the background of RR. Turns out that in RRconfig.exe I set up the path for the media player classic in a directory that was outside the RR root folder. So after I set up the path for media player classic to mplayerc.exe that was in RR root folder, the video embeded into RR. Also, the video embeded into RR whether the builtin player box was checked or unchecked in RRconfig. Hopefully, this may solve your problem.

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    Thanks man, this worked perfect for me

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