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Thread: Can someone help me get RR setup???

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    Can someone help me get RR setup???

    I've been playing with road runner on and off trying to figure out how it works and how to get things running smoothly. The biggest problem I'm having is I don't have any idea what so ever what some of the buttons do...I think I have my music setup...but until I get the sound hooked up on my PicoITX I won't know for sure. Even still...I have no idea how I even got the music to start playing. I just started clicking and all of a sudden it started playing track 1. I tried to play a DVD with RR as well but that was a complete failure.

    Anyone willing to help a noob out? I just need to setup bluetooth, music, GPS navigation, and DVDs/DIVX. The rest of the features are really cool but not something I'm looking into doing yet.

    btw...if you start talking code to may as well be speaking Greek

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    First thing to do is get the skin editor and open up the skin you are using - then click on whichever button you're curious about, reference to that to the skin commands.txt file in the RoadRunner directory - hopefully enough to help you understand what does what.

    As to setting up to play DVDs, music, etc., IMO you will just have to: ask specific questions describing your problem, read a bunch, or just play with the RRConfig program until it works. It's a semi-steep learning curve, but that's the problem with any reasonably powerful/configurable program

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    what skin are you using?

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    Bluetooth: No idea. I don't use it.
    Music: Set it up using RR config > Music
    GPS: Set it up using RR Config > GPS
    DVD: Set it up using RR Config > Video

    Supported DVD apps are WinDVD, PowerDVD, & MPC.

    Anything else other than that, you'll have to do some research for customizing the skin to work.

    Make sure you have winamp 2.95 (preferred) or 5.13 installed as those versions have the least amount of problems interfacing w/ RR. Also, you MUST be using the classic skin.
    Pico-ITX / XP Home with EWF-HORM / RR v12/02/2009 / Winamp v5.13 / RRMedia v1.2.2

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