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Thread: Numeric keypad in a skin

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    Numeric keypad in a skin

    I want to put a numeric keypad in one of my skins. I want it to act like NUMOSK in that as each key is "pressed",the associated digit will appear in a textbox also on the skin.

    Looking a the RR source, it would appear that NUMOSK is a special case and there is nothing that I can find that indicates how to do this in the general case.

    When I look at NUMOSK.SKIN, is see a skin elements like K01, K02... for which I can find no documentation.

    When I look at a, I see normal buttons (B01,B02...) being used.

    Can someone clarify either what I a missing or give an example of how to do what I wish.


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    I really wish the number pad to be an integral part of my skin and not "popup" when the user needs to enter a number.

    Phoco and Freefone skins are examples of what I wish to do but my use is for a different purpose.


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