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    XMD1000 issues

    I hear the preview channel when I am not in RR or if I do not select the XM Radio Button.

    The XM screen does not have any control over changing channel.

    I made my own cable for the XMD1000 using the instructions. I have a lot of experience builing cables, used to do it for a living, but still can make mistakes so I checked it 10 times.

    It obviously provides power correctly but I can't see any data if I try to look at it with hyperterm.

    Any direction would be appreciated.


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    Found it!

    It turns out it was a solder bridge. My old eyes are starting to fail me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhantiflag View Post
    i was thinking bout buy XM too, having both.... but im not that much of a "baller" yet hehehe...
    Don't buy both, supposedly after the merger we'll get all the channels with each service.

    Mitch could you send me that code (just for on with the computer) and which pin on the parallel port will the signal be on, and out of curiosity could I use multiple signals that trigger with different applications? I don't know my exact use with this, but in theory I could wire all the different hardware to only trigger when I need it just to save power and not run devices unnecessarily.
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    fockmasterdan, you know its in the RR build

    i also posted a command line version too

    the one problem i see, is the UNDEFINED state of the pins when the PC is not under OS controll (ie booting)

    u can email me, and ill send u the test prog

    as for XM sirius, i dont think there will be ANY new HW for 2008, maybe not till late 2009


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