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Thread: Map Monkey, Map Point, External or Menu?~

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    Map Monkey, Map Point, External or Menu?~

    I have RR installed. I also have iGuidance 4 installed. In standalone, iGuidance works fine. When I run RR, I have the following GPS options.. "Map Monkey, Map Point, External or Menu". If I choose "External", RR will load iG4, but will the GPS doesn't act like it has a signal. What is odd, is if I choose "Menu", and click on the GPS button in RR, I get three buttons.. "Map Monkey, Map Point or External", if I click 'External" from here RR loads iG4 and the GPS functions fine.

    Am I missing something?


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    not sure if this is your problem but i read on here you have to set RR on one com port and your navi software on a different port. I used xport to split the gps signal and apparently best to use any ports under 10, someone suggested 8 and 9.

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    Thank you for the reply. The ports were ok, because iGuidance v4 did work as standalone and within RR, but in RR I needed to set "menu" as an option and then manually select "External". If I choose "External" directly, instead of 'Menu', it didn't work. I messed around today and found that it worked fine using 'External' instead of menu if I disable 'iGnative" support.



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    go to your rr config. click on gps. select external and iG Inev for gps mode. in your window name you should have this " iGuidance" and make sure you have your gps path set. that should work when you're press gps. that's how i had mine set

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