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Thread: Trouble Creating rr.ini

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    Angry Trouble Creating rr.ini

    I have followed the instructions to rrinstall, rrupdate and rrconfig roadrunner. However, the rrconfig is not creating an rr.ini file for me. Naturally this is causing a bit of difficulty getting the program to run. When I select a path for the rr.ini it pops up a box stating the rr.ini file doesnt exist. when i try to save a cinfiguration nothing happens and nothing is saved.

    does anyone have any idea what the heck i am doing wrong.
    (yes, I searched, but I am blind and frustrated a tthis point and found nothing related to my issues).

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    Did you install to RoadRunner or Road Runner?
    notice the space....

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    Also 99% of the time you do not need to use the ini path setting. Its mostly for users that are running a HORM setup and need to place the ini file somewhere it can be edited wo recreating the HORM file.
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