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Thread: Winamp not loading at startup

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    Winamp not loading at startup

    I just upgraded to latest RR and Dfx 3.0 and now there is no mp3 playback. It seems that winamp is not loading while starting up RR. Is there a quick fix for this

    I'm using the same settings as I used for previous version of RR and Dfx 2.0

    Weather is not working either, but I'll tackle that problem later. Sirius, etc all work as before.

    update: Sirius logos only show up for a second, not at all, or show a weather map.
    Should I start over from scratch? this is frustrating.

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    Only two things that I can think of that would make RR not start up winamp. #1, winamp path not set correctly but I'm pretty sure that RR would yell if it wasn't, or #2, your winamp.dll file got unreg'd, just open the config and close to re-reg them.
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    I deleted all old versions and reloaded with the new ones. Most problems are gone..

    Working now: Video, Winamp, gps, Sirius...90% Happy! Not too bad for re-install on the first day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettodish View Post
    ....Weather is not working either, but I'll tackle that problem later.
    For your weather problem have you read this yet?
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