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Thread: RoadRunner.exe only 700 kb

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    Why even use an antivirus? What is so mission critical in your car, that even if there were a virus, it would even be noticeable? Dont download stupid stuff, dont surf pr0n, and you wont get a virus on your carPC. It just wastes cpu cycles and makes everything slower...
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    I was dumb enough to use McAfee at first, what a hog that program is.

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    Don't use anti-virus in carpc like many other have said. It just resource hog regardless of which program you use. Keep that in mind and surf the web on trusted site and you don't have to worry about having virus. Having a carpc running for almost 4 years, I have no problem with virus. Again, the only time I hook up to the net is to check weather and gas or a quick look at google/yahoo maps/address for POI that I have hard time with iG or S&T.
    Like Guino, all beta I release, I use upx to compress the file. a 2.xmb file compress down to 6xxKb saving a lot of bandwidth.
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    I use avast on the home PC, "my porn downloader" and nothing in the car. The car doesnt get too much internet use so AV is not a need. And anything that goes in the car runs through the home PC and avast first.
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    whats guino's rr packed with

    i did mine with UPX, is it showing up as virius

    i use NOD32, and it dont there


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    problem is not that i want anti-virus on carpc but i have a mirror installation of road runner on my working pc to test out things first before bringing it to the car. it is still more convenient to configure things on large monitor with real keyboard than touchscreen and mini keyboard in car.

    and that is where i get virus warnings (also with avast) - on my home pc which of course needs protection:-)

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    Can't you just tell avast to ignore it?

    I use ClamAV, but it offers no real-time protection, just scheduled scans and email (outlook/OE types) only.

    EDIT: What I've done for my CarPC setup is a wireless network and RealVNC. This way you can VNC into your CarPC and set it up the way you like it, right on the PC itself.

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    I'm using NOD32 at home, which also detects RR as a virus or something. I just disable the program before I install RR and I'm good to go.

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