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Thread: shortcuts to music albums

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    shortcuts to music albums

    hi all,
    this is my question: i have my music setup in a folder called mp3, an in that its set up in folder from a-z for the name of artis ok i also have a folder called albums, that carry all my ablums. i want to be able 2 setup a shortcut( or some thing)so if i have an album in the album folder i want 2 be able 2 access it from the artis folders all in the queen folder - theres a queens album in album folder. click on the shortcut in the queens folder, jumps to the queens ablum in the albums folder.

    any1 know how i can do this, or how i can go about would be kool,
    many thankz

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    I'd take a bit of intricate coding, but I think you can do what you are requesting using a combination of "SETVARBYCODE, DLPATH, & SETPATH" as well as using Blue's RRStrings plugin.

    Honestly, i'd just wait for Blue's media plugin...
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