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Thread: Road Runner Won't Display Proper Artist/Song/Album Information

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    Road Runner Won't Display Proper Artist/Song/Album Information


    I seem to be having a problem with Road Runner and the display of Artist/Album/Song.

    Sometimes it will only display the name of the song, with the artist and album blank. Other times it will display all the information.

    For example, with one song, Avenged Sevenfold - Beast the the Harlot.mp3 it will display

    Song: Beast and the Harlot
    Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    Album: City of Evil

    but for another track: F-Ups - Lazy Generation, it will display:

    Song: Lazy Generation

    I use iTunes normally for all my music, and I know Windows Media Player can pick up the tags and such that iTunes puts on MP3 files...but why not winamp?

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    Try experimenting with these settings goto:


    Music>Page 1

    Where the 'use ID3 tags' theres a drop down box there, try different settings see if that cures it.

    Otherwise I would get a freeware mp3 tag editor such as this to check them

    This will let you edit the MP3 tags, and correct any errors
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    I have the same problem as Exist2Inspire has.

    I know all my ID3 tags are correct so that is not the problem.

    There are times when the wrong artist and song title will be displayed. If I have lets say 10 albums loaded into the playlist and I'm on Lil Waynes album, out of no where one of the tracks in the ablum will be displayed as a song from Chris Browns album even though the song being played will be Lil Waynes.
    There are other times when the wrong Album Art will be displayed.
    The occurance is completely random, I haven't seen any pattern.
    I've tried clearing the playlist and reloading it and the problems still presists with the same songs. Changing the skin does not make a difference. Restarting RR sometimes fixes the problem but not always. To completely fix this issue I have to restart the computer.

    I believe the problems has to do something with putting the computer in to standby.
    Exist2Inspire, do you use standby as well?
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