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Thread: Question regard the RR splash screen at start of RoadRunner.

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    Question regard the RR splash screen at start of RoadRunner.

    Hi, I've been searching the whole site for way to change the RR splash screen after the launch of RoadRunner.exe. I look at all of the files in the RoadRunner folder but unable to find the particular picture that the splash screen used. I've seen a couple skin where they seems to suggest that that splash screen can be change. An example is the Acura ITX project. If any one knows of a way to make this change, an assistance would be very greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for the assistance.


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    Create a, and a wait.jpg.

    There's only really two labels you can use: "STATUS" and "RRVER"

    Here's what my looks like:

    RoadRunner Skin
    RRScreen LOADER
    /, L, x, y, w, h, color R;RGB, G, B, font size;FONT, font name, Code;LABELCODES, Tooltip;LABELALIGNMENT
    L01,129,436,530,37,255,255,255,24,"BankGothic Md BT","STATUS","CENTER"
    L,469,272,196,34,255,255,255,15,"BankGothic Lt BT","RRVER","CENTER"
    2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser TE
    Car PC Progress:
    Planning.......[---------X-] 95%
    Parts...........[---------X-] 90%
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    RR Skin........[---------X-] 95%
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    splash sreen normaly locate in whatever the skin that u use look for it in your skin folder the skin that you currently use
    then choose whatever the image that you like must be .jpeg then rename to Splash copy and replace it

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