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Thread: weather osk popup....

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    weather osk popup....

    i spent about 2 hours trying to figure out my problem, but i am thru, i need ur help... long click should pop osk to enter a city, short click should display weather info on a clicked city... However, long click, short click it pops osk all the time... looked at all ini files.. couldn't figure out what's causing this... help me out yo...


    nevermind.. fixed just by rearranging copy indicator to the top...

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    Huh, are you talking to yourself?

    What skin was that?

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    huhu... i guess i was... i was incorporating John's dfx into a htpc skin i am working on.. I also noticed when using ilist, CL consumes alot more cpu than just plain playlist when doing the whole thing with huge font and screen...

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