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Thread: UK Weather?

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    UK Weather?

    I've downloaded the wether fix & works fine now......but how do i get local wether in the UK? I put London in the RRConfig, but it gives me London in South Africa data!!
    Any help woulfd be apprecated!


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    Thanks for the quick reply, but it's a no go. I tried, LONDON,ENGLAND & LONDON,UK but i get no info at all in the weather with those settings.

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    You actually have to spell it all out, as thats the way has it in their system:

    London, United Kingdom

    After trying and trying to make it easier to find something, I was able to display a menu in the DigitalFX skin if more than one city is found with the same name.

    As you can see from the screen cap below, South Africa is the first one in the list. (Road Runner uses the first one in the list returned from

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    Hey! That worked!

    Thanks a million JohnWPB!

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