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Thread: 09/09/08 OFFICIAL MJS Road Runner Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    some plugins non-compliant to this release cause problems with sliders, disable your plugins and see if the slider problem goes away
    Not sure what I need to do to disable anything or what I need to disable. I am a "END USER" all I did is install DFX4 is there anything specific I need to do?

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    you'll see a bunch of x, lines

    add "/," in front of the x's


    should now read
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    Doesn't DFX 4 have a plugin manager?

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    In DFX 4, plugins are managed in a file called plugins.txt. If you go into the DFX settings screen, you should have a plugin manager button. You can the turn them on and off to see which one is causing the problem. For me it was the RRmedia plugin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    monkey, no one is going to do what your asking
    at this point, if you want to rewrite the goddam thing you can

    feel free to remove all the radio code out of rr, then try to code one as a plug in
    it can be done

    As I stated, I have pretty much no coding ability, and I appreciate the progress so far. It just seems that we all missed the target on this. There's not the consistency that is so much needed. All these code changes seem to just try and fix old stuff (very important) but not really look toward the future (IMO more important) and make fixes easier.

    If (when) in a few months something in the source breaks, we'll have to fix it, meaning the source will have to be opened back up, and more coding. So why not take a little extra time now to save a whole crap load of time in the future?

    All I am saying is that there should be an official relase with JUST the bugs fixed, and MJS crap added on as a plugin for those that use it.
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    so are there going to be two version's of mitchjs's update doing the rounds ?

    oh and just to clarify, I do appreciate all the efforts put in be all of the coders on this project, I really love the RR frontend, I just don't see the need for .NET ...
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    now now guys mitch has already said he has permission to compile a non mitch plugin version of rr , so lets lets him get on with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    Try this updated Mp3Art.dll file that has been fixed to work with the new RR release. Have not tried this to see if it works yet!
    Thanks blue, that seems to do the trick.....

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    I think that this is the most people I have seen watching one thread at the same time...

    I'd like to show my appreciation for what mitch has tried to do for us here and I don't even have any of the radio's and also the fact that he's somewhat willing to make a non requirement version.

    I do take the side of the non requirement though and just foresaw this being a huge issue when I found out about it, before it was even released.

    There are probably several "native" features that should be removed and made into plugin's, one comes to mine...the broken reminders feature. I have created a plugin that does this and is ~90% complete, with testing and some final tweaks still needed.
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