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Thread: roadrunner with one voice?

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    Now that what I'm talking about.. a little poke is all that is needed

    As for being outside... it is to D&#* hot to be outside right now! hahah I wait for winter when its like 72 degrees out to spend time out there
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    As one request (A pleas actually) if I may....

    Can you please add an option for a "Push to talk" command. I have been using voice recognition on my home automation system for years, and delved with it in the car as well. No matter how well you try to use "wake Up commands" such as "Computer" ect... If the mic is always on, you will 100% at some time get false recognitions. There is nothing worse that having the TV volume up loud, and having the kitchen lights come on, and the coffee pot as well, because it "Thought" it heard commands to turn them on.

    This was the same thing that happened with the Voice control built into RR, as well as Navi voice. After a short time after release, tons of requests poured in for both to have a button/key to make the computer start listening. This also allows the audio to be muted/paused, giving a far better recognition of what you are saying.

    Have a look at Ford Sync as an example. You would think if there was a way around it, Two of the largest companies on the planet (MS and Ford) would not make you push a button to speak to the system

    Again, this can be an option in the program. Toggle it on to require a key/button, or off to always have the mic on.
    Hi John
    Can you pls help me out as how do i go about adding a PTT switch to ""Wake"" up the mic...
    I can add as switch ok but .... from here where do i go ( i mean how does it connect to the Mic )

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