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Thread: A few issues left with RR

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    A few issues left with RR

    I have everything running pretty smoothly except for a few little things.

    After I resume from standby any variables on the screen stop updating. I have some speed indicators and temp and some other things coming from ibusrr. When RR is first run everything updates fine but after resume nothing. If I change the volume then it will update the values but they won't change again unless I change volume again or change screens or something.

    Also after resume embedded applications have a hard time staying on top of RR. Clicking any RR buttons set RR to on top and I have to click in the area of the embedded app for it to come back.

    Last thing is when I start RR for the first time the volume may be set to 50 but as soon as I try to change the volume all of my volume sliders jump to 0. Then I have to vol - to 0 and back up to get the volume working properly.


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    Try this for your volume issue

    in rr.ini add:


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