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Thread: prob running multiple instances of RR

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    prob running multiple instances of RR

    hey guys,

    I have a prob I hope you guys can help me with. I installed two instances of RR each instance copied to its own dir, ie. "c:\Program Files\Road Runner" and "c:\Program Files\Road Runner2" I changed the skin position for the second to appear on my second monitor. Everything works fine when I run each instance alone (Roadrunner.exe will run on the primary screen, and roadrunner2.exe will run on the second), However I cannot get them to both run at the same time. I tried running the second instance as another user, but that would not work either. Any ideas why I cant run multiple instances?

    thanks in advance

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    Doesn't RR have built in multi screen support?

    Try RevFE
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    By default RR checks if it's already running to prevent accidental runs after/when it's already loaded/loading.

    You can run multiple instances of RR using "RoadRunner.exe /2" (/2 command line parameter allows you to run a second copy) -- That's the easy part of running two copies. The hard part will be managing the sound, and the input (touchscreen etc) on the two instances.
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    wow thanks... cant believe it was that easy. I also made a .bat file to load both from one icon I have both instances running the same instance of winamp, which is what I want. As for the touchscreens xenarc 700tsv's come with the software to allow multiple monitors, add nvidia nview to allow proper display and everything is working great... so far. I haven't had too much of a chance to play with it.

    Thanks again

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